lintelsoups (lintelsoups) wrote in isankprecious,

re-directing lol

Sim by sea_serpent; done for the June Extreme Founder Makeover Challenge at pixel_trade

This is my favorite.

*myspace shot*


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I laughed at the myspace shot; he just needs his arm up like he's holding the camera himself & its perfect!
I was trying so hard to use the BV cameras so he could take pictures of himself; but they all came out horrid.
Haha, I love it. XD
Thanks! Me too.
Awesome! That makeup is actually really beautiful! It's like something I would download and then NEVER ACTUALLY USE!

I love that founder too. :)
It was something random I found on InSim - so cool. I don't think I'd ever use it on a regular sim.
That is one pretty man.
He is, isn't he?
I LOL'd XD That is fabulous.
I'm glad you enjoyed.